Elevator Overspeed Governor

Elevator Overspeed Governor for lift safety has 300 mm pulley and test groove. 

It is both mono and bidirectional and may be applied to the cab’s safety gear or to the counterweight.

Rated speed:

  • 0,30 to 0,44 m/s
  • 0,45 to 1,50 m/s

TUV approved according to the lift safety regulations: EN 81-20: 2014 – EN 81-50: 2014 – EN 21-50: 2018.

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Available at Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd, Ranigunj, Secunderabad.

Elevator Overspeed Governor Accessories

Elevator Overspeed Governor Application Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd Ranigunj Secunderabad

Elevator Overspeed Governor Features

RQ Montanari Speed Governor General Notes
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Elevator Overspeed Governor Technical Specification

NOR Montanari Speed Governor Technical Specification

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