RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor for Lift Safety

Top performance for the super new RQ-A Montanari speed governor. Operations can be downward and upward, instantaneous or progressive.

Wide intervention range, suitable also for Home Lift: rated speed from 0.15 to 3.0 m/s. The new RQ-A may be applied to the cab’s safety gear or to the counterweight, on rope and on hydraulic systems.

RQ-A range:

  • Pulley: 200 – 250 – 300 mm
  • Narrow or standard base
  • With test groove
  • Lowered version: H 300 mm (RQ-A 200)

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Available at Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd, Ranigunj, Secunderabad.

Through the anticreeping system, the new RQ-A Montanari speed governor is a device for detecting the uncontrolled movements of the cab as well as the safety gear activation in full compliance with the lift safety regulations:

EN 81-20: 2014 – EN 81-50: 2014 – EN 21-50: 2018.

The phonic wheel, equipped with an inductive sensor, can replace the traditional floor sensors in the lift shaft in order to manage the slowing down and the positioning of the cab.

It also determines the cab speed in emergencies through the cab driven to the floor.


RQ Montanari Speed Governor Application Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd Ranigunj Secunderabad


RQ Montanari Speed Governor General Notes
RQ Montanari Speed Governor Key to Symbols

RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Technical Specification

RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Technical Specifications
RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Technical Specifications 1
RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Rope

RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Technical Drawings

RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Standard Base Technical Drawings​


One way RQ-A: handside definition

The arrow on the speed governor indicates the direction of intervention of
the safety gear. In the right-hand one way configuration it is on the contact
side while in the left-hand configuration it is on the opposite side. See the
drawing below.

One way RQ-A Drawings
RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Anticreeping

Note: the downward direction of the safety gear is indicated by the arrow.

If due to space requirements it is necessary to install the speed governor rotated by 180 °, attention must be paid to the direction of the intervention.

RQ-A Montanari Speed Governor Only Bidirectional
Only Bidirectional / Remote control included
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