Usha Martin Lift Rope

Elevator ropes demand close dimensional tolerance and stringent material quality level to meet the tough safety requirement. Usha Martin Elevator Ropes include Hoist Ropes, Compensating Ropes, Governor Ropes and Control Ropes used in Traction Drive Elevators and Roped Hydraulic Lifts.

Designed & manufactured under stringent norms and by state-of-the-art technology, Usha Martin Lift Ropes are aimed to provide jerk free movement of elevator along with close dimensional tolerances. 

Size Range: 3 mm to 20 mm (0.11 inch to 0.7874 inch)


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Available at Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd, Ranigunj, Secunderabad.

Usha Martin Lift Ropes Applications

Usha Martin Lift Ropes Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd

Quality and Testing

Through a continuous modernization program, Usha Martin has one of the best testing technologies in the world to ensure that the elevator ropes are of superior quality and match the most demanding applications and operating conditions. Some of the major testing facilities for Elevator Ropes at Usha Martin are :

Rope Diameter Tolerance

A wire rope cannot be produced to its absolute size and there is always some applicable tolerance. Usha Martin produces its wire ropes to tolerance levels specified in National Standards, International Standards and as specified by the OEMS.

Generally applicable rope diameter tolerance is as given below :

Rope Diameter Tolerance​ Table B


Pre-stretching is a technique for removing the constructional stretch, prior to use, by cyclically loading the cable until it shows no constructional stretch. It must however be remembered that repeated handling (particularly coiling / uncoiling) of the wire rope reduces the effect of pre-stretching, although temporarily, which is realized again when the wire rope is loaded after installation.

Pre-stretching Table C
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