Varsha Elevator Traction Machine VI-5 UT

Varsha Elevator Traction Machine VI-5 UT is an exclusive conceptually designed machines for passengers elevators to ensure smooth and silent operations.

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Available at Reliable Engineering Products India Pvt Ltd, Ranigunj, Secunderabad.

Varsha Elevator Traction Machine VI-5 UT Technical Specification

Max Static Load

3050 KG

Gear Ratio


Power Range (kw)

3.7, 4.5, 5.5

Brake Voltage (DC)

48, 60, 110, 220

Sheave Range (MM)

510, 530, 560, 610

Oil Capacity (LTR)

2.5 (APPROX)

Weight of Machine (KG)

255 (APPROX)

Elevator Traction Machine VI-5 UT Specifications

Please note the following points carefully:


For Mineral after about 350 Operation Hours; for synthetic oil after about 700 Operation hours. 

For mineral oils every 12/18 months; synthetic oils every 24/36 months depending on intensity of use. 


Do not mix synthetic oil with mineral oil.


Before running the machine which has been out of action for a long time it is important to make sure that the gear box is filled with the correct amount of oil more over one complete revolution of the sheave should be accomplished by hand after filling oil…

USE ISO-VG-320 Grade of Oil in Gear Change mineral oil every 12/18 months for synthetic oils 24/36 months depending on the intensity of use. 

Varsha Elevator Motor Oil Table
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